Our objective

The Alentejo and Ribatejo Film Commission (ARFC) is a non-profit association, created with the objective of capturing in a “friendly” way cinematographic, television and photographic productions, national and foreign, contributing for the development of the sector and inducing economic, tourist, labor and cultural benefits.

Our goal

Create opportunities for companies and professionals in the sector. Valuing places, people and traditions, histories and cultures. Comply with our goals with professionalism and honesty.

Our mission

To promote the Alentejo and Ribatejo as privileged destinations for filming scenes from the region, nationally and internationally, in an action fixed with the region’s economy and tourism, attracting investment in the sector.

Who we are

We are 18 associates, who, on 26 September 2017, formed the Alentejo and Ribatejo Film Commission. Nine of us are directly connected to the world of cinema and audiovisuals: João Antero (producer, director and teacher of cinema), Margarida Froufe (producer), Bernardo Antero (director), Fernando Centeio (producer and director), Tony Costa (director of photography), Margarida Cardoso (director), José Miguel Ribeiro (director of animation cinema), Jorge Carvalho (editor), Guilherme Vicente (director and teacher). There were also nine other activities that immediately embraced this project: Ivo Pimentel (manager and marketer), Hugo Pedrosa (musician and manager), Nelson Tereso (lawyer), Fátima Silva (accountant), Joana Antero Ferreira (architect), Norberto Figueiredo (trainer), Ângelo Silva (commercial director) and Luís Pinheiro (plastic artist).

Governing Bodies


President: João Antero

Treasurer: Ângelo Silva

Secretary: Fernando Andrade

Supervisory Board

President: Tony Costa

Member: Margarida Cardoso

Member: Fernando Centeio

General Meeting

Chairman of the Board: Nosberto Figueiredo

Secretary: Bernardo Antero

Member: Guilherme Vicente