The Alentejo and Ribatejo region has fantastic natural landscapes

The Alentejo and Ribatejo region has fantastic natural landscapes and is one of the most promising destinations for audiovisual productions from all over the world. With an area of more than 31.000 km2, it presents an enormous variety of natural locations, architecture and heritage, ranging from the Atlantic beaches to the golden Alentejo plains, from forests and forests to rivers and natural lakes, from Roman ruins to palaces, mansions and houses, from train stations to theatres and museums, from mountains to castles and practically everything else a film can need.

But it also has competent professionals in the sector, an excellent gastronomy and a huge offer of leisure and entertainment for the team’s free time.

The Alentejo and Ribatejo have open arms to receive any national or foreign, cinematographic or television production, regardless of the budget and the technical and artistic teams. There are over 300 different locations.


we support in scouting and repertoire

Plains, lezírias and desampados, 45 km of Atlantic beaches, over 20 fluvial beaches, as many other lakes and the Alqueva. Castles, palaces and manor houses, convents, churches and castles are over a hundred, train stations, theaters and auditoriums, courts, mines and airfields, an international airport, aqueducts and much more.

Production support

Everything a production needs

The logistical support that every producer needs in the various phases of the project: from pre-production to filming, from post-production to dissemination and promotion. We help to find accommodation, catering and restaurants, permits, insurance and filming fees, rental of vehicles and stage animals, technical and artistic teams, scenography and costumes, …


What’s happening

News of what we’re doing, supporting and achieving. This is the space for the latest news. We report on the films we’re supporting, the contributions we’ve made, the institutional and private partnerships, the region’s film festivals, the cine-tertúlias and the films we show, the workshops we promote and much more.