Portugal offers a cash rebate amounts from 25% to 35% on the eligible expenses incurred here. Producers have access to state aid once they pass the cultural test and spend at least € 500,000 in the case of feature films or animations and € 250,000 in the case of documentaries and post production. The incentive is administered by the ICA – National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual


We have the place you’re looking for and we know where to find the ideal setting for every scene in your movie. We are available and able to follow your production from the beginning. We speak your language. Castles, historic villages, palaces, grasslands, plains and hills, churches, chapels, hermitages and convents, rivers, coastal and river beaches, theaters and cinemas, courts, markets and football fields, old shops, train stations, coffees, bars and typical restaurants, airfields and riding centers. We have everything in the Alentejo and Ribatejo.


Portugal is known for it very special light throughout the year, the four distinct seasons and all the light days. With a mild climate, you can have eight hours shooting days in the winter and twelve hours in the summer.

Professional Crew

Portuguese film professionals have the expertise and know-how to collaborate flawlessly with international productions. From outstanding drone operators and post-production facilities equipped with high-end industry technologies to world-class services provided by established production companies, the Portuguese industry guide assures you the best professional crew you can count on.


From Scouting to equipment rental services that cover all your needs, competitive wages, information on financial and logistical support, search for a national executive co-producer, translations of scripts and other documents, technical and artistic support, pre-production support, licensing and fees dossier, meetings with authorities and owners, production support with scene objects, wardrobe, vehicles and animals of scene, actors and figuration, pyrotechnics and private security, catering, visual effects, special effects, among others.


Within a few hours of every European capital, Alentejo and Ribatejo region is served by a modern road network, has an international airport and is near the main and capital one (1 or 2 hours distance) providing easy access to every destination in the region .


Portugal is the third safest destination for tourism, work and audiovisual productions in the world.


Alentejo and Ribatejo offers delicious gastronomic delights and is the ideal place for both shoots and for experiencing the warm hospitality and culture of its people.